Barovier & Toso 'Crepuscolo' Vase

A Barovier & Toso 'Crepuscolo' vase. Clear glass, inclusions of iron wool and air bubbles. Etched on bottom "barovier & toso murano" Literature: Ercole Barovier 1888- 1974: Vetraio Muranese,Dorigato, pg. 61 Art of the Barovier: Glassmakers in Murano1 866-1972, Barovier, pg. 128 Il Vetro di Murano AlleBiennali 1895-1972, Barovier, Barovier Mentasti andDorigato, pg. 41

Italy 1935 SOLD

Dimensions: H: 11½ D:8½ Inches

Item#: 10382


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