Set of Four Lobmeyr 'Sputnik' Cylinder Sconces

A set of FOUR Lobmeyr 'Sputnik' Cylinder Sconces, Innsbruck 1966 Large "Sputnik" cylinder sconces from Lobmeyr, which were developed by Erich Boltenstern and Hans Rath for the foyer of the Innsbruck State Theater in 1966. A round cylinder made of nickel-plated brass, the crystal elements are grouped in the shape of rays and create an impressive play of light. The sconces are stamped at the upper rim. Literature: Lit: Peter Rath and Josef Holey: Möbel der Lüfte - Der Kristallluster in Europa. Vienna 2020, p. 309 and p. 313, Fig. 38. Nickel plated brass and crystal.

Austria 1966

Dimensions: H:23½ W:16 D:11 Inches.

Item#: 11636


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